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For Benies

Individual Health Insurance – ACA Compliant

Are you looking for an insurance policy that is compliant with the Affordable Care Act? Click here  to obtain free quotes from multiple insurance carriers and even enroll in coverage for 2018! While you’re browsing through the plan options, be sure to click on the links for the online provider searches to make sure your doctors and hospitals are in network!

For Individuals

Aliera Healthcare – Faith Based Hospitalization Coverage

With the rising costs of the ACA plans, many people are starting to turn to these faith based, non-insurance programs – they can provide certain hospitalization protection for a fraction of the cost of a regular insurance plan and can help you avoid paying the ACA penalty through the religious affiliation exemption. Click here to obtain rates and information – you can even enroll in coverage from this site!

NOTE – Most of these plans do not cover pre-existing conditions initially and are best suited for those looking for catastrophic coverage only. They are not insurance plans and are not ACA compliant

For Employers

Individual Short Term Health Insurance

Did you miss the open enrollment window for ACA plans? Need an insurance plan to keep you covered until the next open enrollment period? Click here to obtain a free quote for a low costing health insurance option!

NOTE: This insurance product is not ACA compliant and does not cover pre-existing conditions.

Dental and Vision Insurance

Individual Dental / Vision

Dental and Vision Insurance with large national networks and plans to meet every budget! We can help you find the right coverage at the best rate! Click here.