The ONLY lotions that have healed our family’s skin

No matter how many lotions I tried over the years, I still experienced red bumps and dry skin until using MIG ritual lotion bars!  The water-based lotions I had been using had been making my skin more dehydrated by pulling water from my skin and also adding toxins to my body.  Once I started using the Ritual Lotion Bar, my skin began the natural beautification process and was hydrated, glowing & nourished.   The key ingredient is farm fresh beeswax which is a vitamin rich natural humectant that is going to lock in water/moisture from the air, good for antiaging & clearing up breakouts.  This lotion has transformed dry, cracked, flaky, itchy, bumps, eczema from people of all ages (my son and I included!)   We noticed a difference after just 1 use!

Bloom Bar

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Blood Orange + Grapefruit Bar

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Lavender + Primrose Bar

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