Premium Saver is what we call a “Gap Plan” – it essentially fills in gaps in your health insurance plan. Premium Saver actually acts just like an HRA, where you purchase a high deductible plan, then fund a portion of it to give your employees a great plan. The big difference is, some employers are worried about their potential liability with the HRA….in this instance, I talk to them about Premium Saver. Instead of the employer funding a portion of the deductible out of their own pocket, Premium Saver will fund the requested portion of the deductible for a low monthly premium. They are extremely flexible with plan customization and are a fraction of the cost of normal insurance plans. The clients I have on Premium Saver have saved a lot of money and are able to offer their employees better benefits than what they had previously – it’s a win-win.

Premium Saver Example (pdf)

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Premium Saver

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