Why you and your family should use WATERLESS products

I was never much of a ‘science person’ until I was blown away by discovering what water in my products was doing to me and my family.  We need water to drink, BUT when water is in our products, it attracts more bacteria and requires the use of preservatives.  These are used so your products have a longer shelf life and they will get into your bloodstream as toxins since they are applied directly to your skin.  ALL MIG products are waterless products, so they require NO STABILIZERS, FILLERS or ADDITIVES.  Actually, our products don’t use one single synthetic ingredient.  All ingredients are sourced from God’s good earth so your body will recognize them and know how to use them to heal your skin.  With the rise of diseases, cancers, hormone imbalances, and other unknown medical issues, we have to ask ourselves if what we are bringing into our home and putting on our bodies could be the culprit? Knowledge is power and I can’t undo the past, but I can make better decisions for my family moving forward and help you too!

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