This is one of the greatest non-insurance programs available on the market today. Freshbenies is not insurance, but is a combination of services that can ultimately help save employers and employees money on health related issues. Freshbenies combines Teledoc, Prescription Drug discounts, a Specialist email feature and a Health Advocacy Service into one easy to use card……or app if you have a smartphone. Instead of employees calling off work to go to the doctor’s office for something minor and having to pay their co-pay, they can either call or Facetime an actual doctor through the Teledoc service with a $0 fee. They speak with the doctor and can even have a prescription called into their local pharmacy for them. Once they get to the pharmacy, they can use their RX discounts to see if the Freshbenies card is cheaper than their insurance costs for the same prescriptions. I use this card personally for myself and my family and would highly recommend it to anyone. From an employer’s standpoint, having an employee utilize this card can help keep employees from calling off work for minor issues, and can also help keep certain claims off of their health insurance plan – this, in turn, helps keep renewal increases low – it’s a great program for a very low monthly cost!!

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