Company Health Insurance Built for Greater Central Ohio

Blascak Insurance Services is proud to present the EBA Health Insurance Association Plan administered by, and using the network of OhioHealthy! This plan was built for Greater Central Ohio small and medium sized companies and their employees. This is a full-blown compliant health insurance plan with no Lifetime, Annual or Pre-Existing Condition Exclusion limitations. It is a true group plan.


What we Offer

  • 3 Tiered Network
    • Tier 1 – OhioHealth Hospitals, Facilities and Doctors + Central Ohio Primary Care Physicians – when you obtain care from this network, you pay NOTHING!
    • Tier 2 – OhioHealthy extended network – a large network of hospital systems, facilities and doctors including the Cleveland Clinic and Nationwide Children’s Hospital
    • Tier 3 – Out of network
  • $0 Access fee Telemedicine Included through MD Live
  • Rates and Plan design given to you UP FRONT! Your company’s rating tier will depend on medical underwriting
  • $0 co-pays for PCP visits
  • $0 Co-pays for Generic Rx
  • All Plans Renew June 1st
  • No Cost flu shot clinics
  • No Cost Biometric Screening clinics offered throughout the year
  • OhioHealthy Team members will reach out to your employees after you enroll to make sure they understand how their coverage works, help them set up appointments and find the highest quality and lowest cost care within their network

Our Plan & Rates


Click on the following link to search for in network Tier 1 & 2 Hospitals, Facilities, and Doctors: Doctor Search

When prompted, type in “OhioHealthy Network” and confirm the selection

Tier 1 Facilities and Doctors will have a large “CIN” or “COPC”  ( Central Ohio Primary Care Physicians ) designations underneath their profile

Tier 2 Facilities and Doctors will show up on the search results but will not have the above mentioned designations

If a Facility or Doctor does not come up in your search, they are considered out of network and in Tier 3


Phone: 614-870-1775 x 3
Email: [email protected]